By the Grace of Lord Ahura Mazda

Zoroastrian Matrimonial Page

Zoroastrian Matrimonial Page

Ava Ardvisur Banu beresad

May Ava Ardvisur, the Ahura-created Divinity
of Fertility and Child-birth,
come to our aid, and enable many fruitful marriages among us.


Sponsored by Firoza Porusp Tarapore in loving memory of her father Late Jamshedji Cawasji Gay New!

Many Zoroastrians desire to find suitable life-partners among fellow Zoroastrians. In the old days, match-makers used to go out and search for prospective brides or grooms, and in the Zoroastrian scriptures it is mentioned: "If a Zoroastrian comes among you, seeking a Zoroastrian bride, then give him such a bride."

Since the act of marriage to a fellow Zoroastrian is enjoined in our religion, the Zoroastrian Matrimonial page has been started in an effort to enable far-flung Zoroastrians to contact prospective husbands or wives from among their own religion.

The Zoroastrian Matrimonial page is active on the internet since early 1996. By Dadar Ahura Mazda's Divine Grace, around 200 marriages between our Zarathushtri men and women have occured through this page, the FIRST of its kind on the internet since many years, and a page that is totally FREE. We have THOUSANDS of members, Zarathushtri men and women from around the world and we are growing every week. After reading the instructions below, please use the following link to enter the new Zoroastrian Matrimonial database:
Enter Database


By the Grace of Dadar Ahura Mazda, we have now enhanced the ZOROASTRIAN MATRIMONIAL DATABASE. We request all members to PLEASE UPDATE your entry to include your country of residence, and the year of birth.

1. In the search screen, a check box has been added that allows a quick search on all the members who have a photo (internal or external) in their entry. This was a request by many members.

2. We have added two new fields called "countryresidence" and "yearbirth" in the database.

The country of residence is now compulsory for new members and also for current members updating their entry. The year of birth is not compulsory but is strongly recommended, it helps people to know your age rather than rely on the age group field, when people move from one age group to the other they often forget to update the age group field.

Both the country of residence and year of birth are searchable in the search screen. Many members had requested a search by country.


By the Grace of Dadar Ahura Mazda, we moved the Zoroastrian Matrimonial page to a fully searchable internet database site. The main difference is, every Zarathushtri now needs a username and password to log in. Please read on for instructions below.

Instructions - All Zarathusthri users please read first:

IF your entry was already on the page, you have already been added to the database, along with a username/password for logging in. This username and password was emailed to you in the first week of August 2003. Please use this username/password to log in, check or change your entry if you wish, and to search for other entries. Any Zarathushtri with an entry on the page is known as a FULL ACCESS user.

IF you were just a Zarathusthri reader ie. you looked at other entries without having your own entry, then you now need to add yourself as a new Zarathushtri user requiring only READ ACCESS. You have to supply your full real name, the full names of your parents, and your postal address. Then the admins will check your details (this may include verifying your identity) and approve you as a READ ACCESS only user, within 1-2 days. You can then search for other entries.

Please note: The use of your FULL name as your login name is compulsory. Supplying your parent's full names is compulsory, and this includes both your father and your mother.

If you are a totally new Zarathushtri user, you can add yourself as either a READ ACCESS user or a FULL ACCESS user. After approval, you will be able to use the page. You MUST supply all details such as your full name, the full names of your parents, postal address, and so on, but you will be able to control which information is displayed on your entry ie. you can hide your name/phone number/address when your entry is shown to other people. You will be able to change the settings. The names of your parents will never be shown. Then the admins will check your details (this may include verifying your identity) and approve you as a FULL ACCESS user, within 1-2 days. Your entry is then visible to other searchers, and you can also search for other entries.

If any of these details such as your full name/parents name/ address are missing and we cant verify your identity, we will NOT approve your entry and we will have to email you to supply them. In this case unnecessary delays may occur before your entry is approved, so please supply all details initially. Please note we are doing this in our spare time and we do not want to keep emailing you to supply all your details. We will simply delete your unapproved entry if you dont respond within a few days. Only entries that have supplied all details will be approved.

For full access users that are displaying their entry, display of email address is compulsory, so if you dont want to be identified please use an email address from hotmail or yahoo that does not disclose your identity.

Remember, both types of access (read only and full access) are FREE. However, please consider making a donation towards the database fees that we have to incur each year. Any amount that you can give is fine, be it 100 Rupees or 10 dollars. Donation details are shown below.

For any inquiries please send an email to the Zarathushtri who are administering the page. However, because this work is being done in their spare time, please wait for a response. (Note : if Javascript is not enabled in your web browser, clicking on the above email link will not work, in that case just type in the address in your mail client.)

If you get engaged/married to a fellow Zarathushtri by the Grace of Dadar Ahura Mazda, please log back in and set your entry to "hidden" or "married". After that, your entry will no longer be visible.

To change an existing entry, for example you may wish to reword your description or some other change on your page, simply log in and change it, but note that your entry will have to be re-approved by the admins in 1-2 days.

Optionally, your Photograph can be uploaded with your entry on the Matrimonial page so that an interested party can have a quick look at you. At times, this is very helpful in speeding matrimonial matters along. If you have a scanned copy of your photo, you can log in and upload it. Please note: Due to space limitations, for photos only gif/jpg files with total size 40KB or less will be accepted. There is no guarantee that even a 40KB or smaller photo will be placed with the matrimonial entry of the person, it depends on space availability at the time. If you have a web site of your own and your photos are there, you can add the external link on your Matrimonial entry, however we will not allow external links to other non-Zoroastrian marriage sites, even if your entry is there.

Search Tip: You can also search for any text in the address or description. You can use this to search for a particular location, for eg, if you wish to search for entries in Mumbai, simply type in Mumbai in the Address box on the search page and click on search. This will bring up all entries in Mumbai.

You can also have more than 1 email address in your entry, but please use a comma ie. "," in between your email addresses.

If you get a "Session expired" Error: If after you log in you receive a message saying "Your session has been expired", then make sure of the following: In your Internet explorer, select tools..internet options. In the General tab, click on "delete cookies" and then "ok". Then click on "delete files", check "delete all offline content", and then "ok". Click on the Privacy tab, and set your privacy setting to medium. Then click on "apply" and "ok". Restart your browser and try to log in again. It could also be that the date on your computer is incorrect and it makes a cookie expire early or something like that. Check the date on your computer. Also, make sure your browser version is the latest version and not an outdated version.


Use of the Zoroastrian Matrimonial page is totally FREE. However, please consider making a donation towards the database fees that we have to incur each year. Any amount that you can give is fine, be it 100 Rupees or 10 dollars. We are seeking donations from our fellow ordinary Zarathushtris. Please contact the admins to make donations (any amount, even 10$ or more) directly in many foreign currencies to help towards our Zoroastrian Matrimonial database hosting costs each year.
We are incurring database hosting costs per year.

Thanks for your support of the Zoroastrian Matrimonial Page. By the Grace of Lord Ahura Mazda, our young men and women will find suitable partners among our Zarathushtri community and marry them, through this Web Page. Atha Jamyat Yatha Afrinami, may it be so as we wish. Amin. Amin. Amin.

Uniting Zoroastrian couples is a religious act enjoined in our scriptures, hence we will, by the Grace of Lord Ahura Mazda, always offer a free service even in this commercial day and age.

Disclaimer: We will not be responsible for any events occuring from the use of this page, of from any contacts made thereof. The personal information available is intended for prospective marriage partners from the Zarathushtri community only, because it is for this community that this page is intended for, with due respect to all other communities.

Depending on your answers to these questions, your database entry may be approved, but at the sole discretion of the Administrators. No guarantee/promise of any sort is undertaken, this is a free service. Once approved and your entry is visible, if any Zarathushtri expresses interest and he/she sends e-mail to you, you can decide whether to reply or not. If you answer yes to any of the display questions, your name, and/or postal address, and/or Telephone/Fax will be disclosed on the page, so correspondence can be directly entered into, with a view to matrimony. However, it is entirely up to you which way you prefer. For full access users that are displaying their entry, display of email address is compulsory, so if you dont want to be identified please use an email address from hotmail or yahoo that does not disclose your identity.

Please note that incorrect information, and knowingly hiding facts or misguiding is not in the interest of the community. Please be truthful in all respects.

By the Grace of Lord Ahura Mazda, our young men and women will find suitable partners among our Zarathushtri community and marry them, through this Web Page. Atha Jamyat Yatha Afrinami, may it be so as we wish. Amin. Amin. Amin.


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New!As fellow Zarathushtris, it is our duty to encourage marriages within the community only. There are many ways to do this:

Only when the Parsi youth start working as a whole towards furthering marriage within our community only, will we be able to defeat the wrong of inter-marriage which is destroying our forefather's lineage, heritage, culture, community and religion. Inter-marriage is disastrous for any small community and any person with common sense would realize this fact.

New!A Mailing list connected with the Traditional Zoroastrianism Website is in operation since August 1998, called the "Traditional Zarathushtris Mailing List (TMYZ)". The members of this list are hundreds of born Mazdayasni Zarathushtris who have full faith and pride in the tenets of our ancient religion. This is a place where the religion will be protected on the internet, and not attacked as it is in the unhappy liberal lists. If you honour and cherish the sacred religion you are born in and want to be part of a group that is upholding it's time-honoured beliefs and traditions, you are welcome to join this new FREE mailing list. Please either click here to send a message to New TMYZ Subscription Requests , OR you can use the subscribe box below, just enter your e-mail address and click on the box.

Subscribe to TraditionalZarathushtris
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Once we receive your request, we will then send you further information on the procedure of joining the FREE Traditional Zarathushtris Mailing list, which is STANDING UP FOR OUR RELIGION ON THE INTERNET AND SHAKING THE IVORY TOWERS OF THE RICH LIBERALS AND INTERMARRIEDS. The list is proud to have a Governing board of religious writers including Mrs Pervin Mistry, Sam Billimoria, Fily Maravala, etc. We have Zarathustri stalwarts on this list such as Ervad Hathiram and Ervad Jal Birdy, priests who are steeped in the mystic lore of our religion. We have famous Parsee writers like Mrs Pervin Mistry, and Marzban Giara, who send fine articles from their inspirational writings on our religion. We have many other writers who have raised the voice of our religion's ancient traditions, as opposed to the inter-marrieds and liberals who like to destroy these ancient traditions. We have representatives of the Kshnoomist and the Pundol group of mystical Zoroastrianism, as well as other proud and faithful Zarathushtris who believe with all their hearts in the religion of their forefathers.

We pay homage to the Fravashi of a noble matchmaker of our community, the recently departed Mrs. Aranaz Bejan Katrak, who right upto her very old age helped our Zarathushtri boys and girls in finding out their life partners. Aran aunty, as she was fondly referred to, was the wife of late Mr. Bejan Katrak, who used to be the Principal of J.J. School at Fort, Mumbai. She performed this social work without charging a penny. May her righteous and noble soul progress to the Highest Heaven, Garothman Behest, where may she enjoy perfect Peace, Happiness and Joy in the company of our Dadar Ahura Mazda for ever. Atha Jamyat Yatha Afrinami, May it be so as we wish. May Dadar Ahura Mazda grant our community many such Aran Aunties. Atha Jamyat Yatha Afrinami, May it be so as we wish.

The Zarathushtris who are in India, can also contact one parsi gentleman Mr. Peshotan Vesuna, who resides in Block P-4 Shapur Bharucha Baug, Andheri (West), Telephone No.628 7662 who has been doing an honorary service of bringing together suitable parsi boys and girls for matrimonial purposes and has managed to settle approx 25 couples so far. He is approx 70 years old and therefore not very mobile. He works from his home by maintaining a record with all relevant details and photograph of the boy or girl.

A Parsi lady by the name of Mrs. Gool Banaji has been doing matrimonial matchmaking service for Parsis absolutely free of charge since the last few years. She has so far introduced 200 couples who are already married. Her contact details are as follows:

Mrs. Gool Pesi Banaji
Flat No.24, Bldg. No.3, Tata Mills Society,
Elphinstone Road, Parel,
Mumbai 400 012.
Tel : 24166120
Cell Number: 9773082199

A Parsi gentleman Mr. Jolly Rusi Writer has promised to carry on Aran Aunty's noble work of helping our men and women to marry. His contact details are:

Mr Jolly Rusi Writer
C/13,Navroz Baug,Dr S S Rao Road
Lalbaug, Bombay 4000 012 (INDIA )
MOBILE : 9324522766 / 9821482442
Residence : 24701958

MRS. KHURSHID NEVILLE KAVARANA is also running a free matrimonial service. You can contact her at:

TEL - 9833672356
022 23891780

Other noble Matchmakers in our community:
1. Ms. Prochy Madon--- 24140053
2. Ms. Gool Banaji--- 24166120
4. Ms. Arnavaz Mistry-- 23538009
5. Ms. Khorshed Vesuna-- 23011318
6. Ms. Ketty Marfatia-- 8806182524
7. Ms. Shirin Kerawala-- 23053163
8. Ms. Thriti Doctor-- 26794766
9. Mr. Marazban Mani-- 24443725

By the Grace of Dadar Ahura Mazda, when it is time for your marriage, another Parsi lady Mrs Mehernaz Vania, can be hired as a Make up artist & hairstylist, expert at complete Bridal dressing including makeup, hairstyle & sari draping. She has been dressing our Zoroastrian brides for over 20 years. She can be contacted at:

Mrs Mehernaz Vania,
Shakti Sadan,
B/33, laminton Rd,
Mumbai 400 007.
Land line:- 23099731
Mobile:- 9821187348

Please note that the Zoroastrian Matrimonial Page is not affiliated with any of the above and is displaying their names only as a service for interested people.

We also request that you also please help the following worthwhile Zoroastrian Parsi/Irani charities in India:

APPEAL to all Zoroastrians Worldwide: by Rustom C. Chothia

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Excellent reasons against mixed marriages: by Homi P. RaninaNew!

Some suggestions to combat intermarriage

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Additionally, donate to Akshayapatra Midday Meals: Feed school children in motherland India

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